ow will I know when my tyres need changing we hear you ask? What is the minimum legal tread depth?
If your tyres don’t grip the road as well in bad weather conditions, or maybe it takes a lot longer to stop and you’ve had a few close calls…these can be the more obvious signs that your tyres need changing! Another sign, is that if your tyre tread depth is at the 1.6 millimetre (mm) legal limit or below the 3mm recommended limit.  For any car tyre tread found to be below 1.6mm, the driver will receive points on their licence and a charge of £2,500 per tyre…so it’s cheaper to keep an eye on your tread depth! 
Here at FastFit Station our friendly tyre experts know their stuff. So if you’re still not sure when you need to change your tyres, just give us a call or use our online booking system and we’ll get you in for a free, no obligation check and give you some of that good old-fashioned service!