hat does an interim service include we hear you ask? How often should my car have one?
An interim service can be done every 6 months or every 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). It’s similar to a major service except for a few general maintenance parts that aren’t necessary to check more than once a year.* And it takes approximately half a day to complete.
For more information on what we do in an interim service, click here and take a look at our Service Checklist Comparison.

Never fear, here at FastFit Station we stamp your service book which will still uphold your warranty because we use the same quality parts as a main dealer. The only difference is that with FastFit, you get that little extra… we always go that bit further to make sure our customers leave happy and receive some good old-fashioned service with a smile… because we know manners cost nothing! So you can rest assured your car is in safe hands with the latest machines and our fully qualified, friendly technicians. So just give your local FastFit Station a call or use our new online booking system and we’ll do the rest!
*It’s important to note that certain cars may need specialist oils that could incur an extra charge. Please speak to the station manager for more details.