ow much does a standard MOT cost we hear you ask? Can I save money on my MOT?
Today, the standard cost of an MOT test is normally £54.85. But here at FastFit Station we like to deliver some good old-fashioned service with our good old-fashioned prices.
Here at FastFit Station we test two classifications of MOT, Class 4 and Class 7* and it takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Class 4 MOT’s are for everyday vehicles
whereas Class 7 MOT’s are designed for larger commercial vehicles.
If you book your car in for a Class 4 MOT on a weekday we will complete a full test for only £39.99! And if you book your Class 4 MOT and service together on any day of the week or weekend you receive your MOT for just £39.99 and the cost of the service. 
So for some good old-fashioned service and good old-fashioned prices book now… our diary is filling fast!

*Class 7 MOT's not tested at our Bletchley branch