hy is my steering wheel vibrating and making my car really uncomfortable to drive we hear you ask? Why do my tyres wear down a lot quicker too?
Well, it’s more than likely that your tyres aren’t balanced properly. For tyres to be working as well as they should, they all just need to be the right weight in order for them to stay…you guessed it…balanced! Balanced tyres can help with your fuel economy, which means less of those expensive trips to the petrol pumps! But unbalanced tyres can lead to other problems such as worn tyres and even premature wear of the cars’ suspension! 
Here at FastFit Station we use Zinc weights to balance your wheels, which is the more environmentally friendly option. So if you have any questions about wheel balancing or you want your tyres checked, just give your local FastFit Station a call and we’ll give you some of that good old-fashioned service!