hat’s the main difference between a tyre filled with Nitrogen and a tyre filled with air we hear you ask? Are Nitrogen filled tyres more popular?

A tyre filled with Nitrogen (Uniflate) prevents the slow deflation of tyres that has drivers everywhere reaching for their foot pumps and pressure gauges on a Sunday afternoon! This is because Uniflate contains minimal amounts of oxygen and water vapour, which means less vapour is available to escape and tyres can remain at the correct pressure for longer. It also increases the life of your tyres by 25% and reduces fuel consumption by 5%, saving you those extra pennies!
Today Uniflate is heavily used in both Formula 1 and the airline industry and back in 1969 the moon buggy even had nitrogen in its tyres! Nitrogen Inflation isn’t standard practice…yet, but with technology always improving, who knows, it could well become the tyre industry’s equivalent to the popular iPhone! 
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